Monday, April 21, 2008


Well I've been meaning to update my blog for awhile now, but nothing exciting has happened whatsoever!! I feel like we had so much happen at once that life has slowed down and is just running smoothly. No baby to post pictures of, no trips taken lately, no holidays= no post! Mel, Gabe and their boys were here for a visit so it was fun to get to see them! We have realized that me, tommy, mel, and my dad are all addicted to the game settlers of catan! (if you havent played I highly recommend you learn!!) Funnest game ever! So while mel was here I think we played about 12 times! about 3 in one day! Its definitely my new favorite game to play ever :) And the only other exciting thing coming up is kim, Jason and KINS are moving home!!!! I'm sure all of you know that already but I am just super excited about it I had to write something about it. Kim frequently sends me videos and pictures of kins through text and I am just so excited to see how grown up she is and all her fun new tricks!! They will be home the first part of June. Other than that not much is going on. Me and Tommy are still just working and he is finishing up his EMT class. He had a practice run last weekend for his CPAT (the physical/obstacle course kinda test) and he had the best time of that day! Yes, thats my husband :) His real test is April 26th.. we will update! Well hope that post wasnt too much a waste of your time :)

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Jump on it!

While we were in Utah we got to do a while bunch of things in the little time we had! So other than going to Arches and going snowboarding, we went to jump on it! Its this place that has like 50 trampolines all hooked together that you just go jump around on! They even have some angled off the wall so you can go do a back flip off the wall! They boys had so much fun with uncle tommy and would get on his back to ride him like a bull while on the tramp :)


Snowboarding has to be one of my new most favorite things! After Moab we followed Mel and Gabe up to there house in Saratoga Springs. We drove through a big snow storm on our way up on sunday so when we went snowboarding monday it was perfect! There was new fresh powder, it was sunny, and not crowded at all!! Perfect day for learning! It was mine and mels first time and we actually did a lot better than I expected us to do! The first hill we went down definitely took us awhile but by the 2nd we pretty much had it down. Dont get me wrong we fell, and sometimes real hard! But just not very often :) Its been about a week now and I can finally walk normal again! hehe- thanks melly and gabe for taking us and letting us stay with you! We love you!!!

Arches National Park

Last weekend we drove up to Moab and met my mom and dad, steph and emma, and mel, gabe and there boys. Mel and Steph played in a volleyball tournament up there (and won the whole thing!!) so me and tommy drove up saturday. Sunday morning we went to Arches National Park and did a couple hikes and got to see many of the beautiful arches! They were so amazing to see!! If you havent been there, GO!!!!