Friday, March 28, 2008

Happy Birthday Natalie!

So March has been a crazy month of birthdays for Tommys family because on the 25th was my sister in law Natalie's birthday! Then her son Keith's birthday and our niece Maki's are all this month too!! Happy birthday guys!! Nat sorry I'm so late, I didnt forget about you though!! Anyway we hope you had a wonderful birthday!! We love you!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Happy Easter!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter Sunday!!! Me and Tommy spent our first Easter together and it was so fun! I love my husband!! :) First we went to church then to his parents house to eat lunch/dinner with all his family. They did like a thanksgiving feast, it was delicious! There dinner was at 3 though and my parents was at 5 so the deal was to eat a little at both. Right... that obvioulsy didnt happen! We were so full by the time we got to my parents I could have burst! But my mom made a honeybaked ham, funeral potatoes, green beans and creamed corn and there was no way I was passing that up! So I made us eat a little again!! I promise I gained at least 10 pounds yesterday, but totally worth it!!! Thanks to both of our moms!! We love all of you! I didnt get too many pictures but I'll post the ones I did!

Tommy riding the roller coaster at my parents!
My wonderful dad Ronaldo :)
Matthew so happy on Easter!
Emma Sue!
Me and Tommy...our first easter :)
Jumping on the tramp at his moms... he still thinks he's a little kid! (see picture above on roller coaster if you dont believe me !)

bowling....again :)

I cant even tell you the last time I went bowling before these past couple weeks. It had been forever!! But now for some reason everone wants to go bowlign (which is fine by me!) So we have gone the last 3 weekends in a row..I'm really starting to get good! Ha jk!! It was my sister in law Sandi's birthday so a bunch of us went out to dinner at Charlestons and then went bowling! It was so much fun!! We love you Sandi!

Shawnie bowling!
Me and Shawnie at the alley
shawnie, sandi and me... No me and Shawnie are not albino, Sandi is just crazy dark!!
Me and Thomas :)

Tommy bowling his gutter ball!!

Happy Birthday Sandi!

Yesterday was another one of my sister in laws birthday, sandi! I believe she is 25? Sorry if I'm wrong!! So the night before we went out to dinner and bowling with her and her husband Ben, Shawnie and Luke, and some of Sandi's friends from their ward! It was so fun! see next post :) Anyway we love you Sandi!! Hope you had a wonderful birthday!!!!!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy Birthday Shawnie!

Yesterday was my sister-in-law Shawnie's Birthday!! The big 20! Me and Tommy went over to her and her husband Lukes house and made them steak, corn, asparagus and shawnie made potatoes.. It was delicious and so fun! We love spending time with them and love that we are at the same point in our loves since they just got married in November! We love you shawnie!!!

Our Fun Weekend!

K So this weekend was quite an adventure for us now that were just like an old married couple where going out is a rare occasion and going to bed early is not! We were part animals this weekend, I felt young again! :) ha... anyway my best friend holly is getting married in April which generally means I havent seen her too much lately! So me and tommy, holly and her fiance winn, and my good friend tawni and Ballard (daniel ballard, we just call him ballard!) went out to Red Robin for dinner and then goofy golfing!! I have not been in so long and let me tell you, I was just as horrible this time as I was the last!!!! ha- But then Friday night our good friends Waid And Stacia and us went cosmic bowling! So fun! except the part where we didnt go to bed till 2 and I had to be at work at 8...not so fun!!! I did beat everybody in bowling though the first game..actually the second I think too! I must take after my mom and dad :) Then Saturday was my grandmas 80th birthday and we had a big family party/bbq at my aunts house for her. It was good to see all my family! So the was our fun weekend!! well fun to us at least! ... there ya go stephy!!! :)

Me and Tommy on the way to Golfland!
Me and Tawn!
Holly and Winn at Red Robin
Tawni and Ballard at dinner!

He got a gutter ball :)
What a bowling face huh!!!
At the bowling alley!
I totally got a strike!!

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Our Wedding!

ok so nothing exciting has happened since our last post so I decided I would post some pictures of our wedding for the viewing pleasure of those who were not able to come or havent seen them yet! ....enjoy :)

me, tommy, and my bridesmaids (holly, tawni, and ashley)
my parents, us, and his parents :)
The whole group!
coming out of the temple!
engagement shoot!
awwww... :)

hes a goof!!!!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

here it goes...

ok so I finally had a little time to sit down and figure out how to even work this blog thing so here it goes! My sisters are all pros and have been getting on me for only having a picture up for the last like month so I'm trying this out! Be patient with me and give me pointers if you know how to do this thing! :) Me and Tommy were married January 4, 2008 in the Mesa temple! This past Tuesday was our 2 month anniversary! We have survived so far!! It feels like we have been married a lot longer than that... in a good way of course! We got an apartment in mesa and are both working right now and he is going to school for firefighting. I work at Gunnells tire and auto and he is doing landscaping in the mean time! We really like our new ward and actually have a meeting with our bishop sunday night...AH!! Either were talking in church or getting a calling, I dont know which is better, I think a calling! Lets hope anyway! I'll let ya know how it goes... :)