Friday, December 12, 2008


Yes I have once again been a slacker on my blog.. kudos to mom for not being like the rest of us! here's a little update on our life... we are buying a house! yay! Its out in Queen Creek with the rest of my crazy sisters! If everything goes through we should close on Jan 9th..woo hoo! I am still working at Gunnells, and Tommy is working for Town of Queen creek. Life is good :) well.. I am wanting to do something different. Once we move into our house, Gunnells will just be too far for me to drive everyday. I want to be home more and be able to housewife/stay-at-home mom stuff without the mom part yet... :) make sense?! So I was thinking just like all my sisters have done, maybe I would try daycare! Probably only a couple kids to get my feet wet and all, but thats where all of you come in! I need to find kids to watch first :) So if anyone knows anyone looking for someone to watch their kids please let me know or give them my name and we can work something out!! Thanks :) new posts to come soon too!...promise!!