Thursday, July 28, 2011

Lyla's 4 & 5 Months

Yes..I have not blogged in awhile. I am having too much fun with my baby girl and never wanna waste a minute by sitting on the computer. I decided during nap time today that it needed to be done! Lyla has gotten so so big and time just wont slow down :(

at 4 months:

Weight: 15.1lbs

Height: 24.5in

-got her first haircut (buzzed off the thickness in back so she wouldn't have a mullet!)

-Had rice cereal for the 1st time..didn't love it..neither did her we held off for another month!

-got croup cough and had to go to urgent care for a steroid shot :(

-Went swimming for the very first time which she LOVED!

-held on to a toy for the first time..and wouldn't let go :)

-Had her first real babysitter.. (gma!) while we went to dinner. (I'm sure it was much harder on me than her!)

at 5 months:
-Finally rolled over :) from her belly to her back. She never really loved tummy time anyway and now I can't get her to stay on her tummy for more than a minute.

-Giggled for me! I have to really work at it but she will! Although the other night we let Tolly in and she was full on laughing at the dang dog! I gotta make every stupid noise in the book and Tol just sat there and she laughed!

-got her 2nd haircut. She just had this little patch right on top that was kept getting thinner and thinner the chubbier she got! So I decided to buzz her whole head so hopefully her hair will grow in nice and thick and even!

-had BOTH of her bottom teeth cut through! (that's been fun!) she actually hasn't been grouchy at all...just doesn't sleep good! She was sleeping SO good! from like 7:30-6:30 or 7..and the last week she has woken up like 2-4 times! son of a....

-Has found her toesies and thinks they are great. If I lay her on her back she holds her feet up and grabs onto them with her hands and will lay like that forever! :)

-Got nasty pink eye :( Poor girl! (dang cousins! he he..)

-Eats rice cereal after she nurses for one meal a day! Still a battle cuz she always has something better to look at or yell at me for which makes it messy but were getting there..

This last one cracks me up. I gave her some water from my straw one day and now anytime I have a cup with a straw she ATTACKS it..full force. So Tommy let her go to town on the straw..she can't suck it up through the straw yet don't worry..and it was only water! but she loved trying!