Thursday, January 20, 2011

homeless....NO MORE!!

Thats right, we got our keys!!!!! We are so excited to finally have our own house again.. and at least have SOME time before miss Lyla makes her arrival! Hopefully I can get it all done :) I'll post pictures once were in and its cute but just wanted to share the good news!

Friday, January 7, 2011

3 Years

I love this man...

But really who couldn't love that face :) .. January 4, 2008. I entered the temple with my very best friend.. and came out his wife and so much more. These Last 3 years have been the most exciting, best, funnest, trying years of my life. We have had our struggles as every couple has but I could never have got through them if it weren't for Tommy being by my side 100% of the time. I love him!!
Some people don't know how we met so I'll break it down real quick... Tommy and my cousin Chad were best friends. Chad and I hung out a bit when Tommy was on his mission (I had never met Tommy before his mission).. So he got home Wednesday August 15, 2007.. That Friday I had some friends over for games and whatever and Chad ended up calling, said his friend Tommy was home from his mission and they were bored.. I said come on over! We met that night.. Tommy was still in his awkward phase where he wouldn't talk or look at me so I thought he was a little strange.. but apparently I left an impression becuase they called me saturday to see a movie and hang out which turned into all day.. then Sunday the 18th they came over to hang out and watch a movie and Tommy went in for the kill and kissed me! I turned into jello and it was all over from there :) (yes, he had only been home 4 days!) We spent everyday together after that and on October 14, 2007 he proposed! ...Then January 4, 2008 I got sealed to him forever and ever and I have never looked back! I love you babe!

wedding day at the receptionand I had to throw one of Chad in there since he made it all happen :)

New Years

This year for New Years our friends Justin and Abby invited us out to their house WAY our in Queen Creek :) Its like 5 minutes from our old house.. now I know why people hated coming over! We ate lots of yummy food, watched the ball drop, drank WAY too much martinellis and stayed up too late playing ridiculous games! :) It was so much fun! Unfortunately I have no pictures of that either.. just some videos of the games but without knowing the game they wouldn't be funny to you so I wont post :) Plus Abby would probably kill me.. hmm :)

Christmas 2010!

Christmas is always a busy time of year for us! We've got so many different parties between our 2 families and all the extended family! I love love love christmas time and can't wait till next Christmas when Lyla will be here to spend it with us!! :) We managed to get in christmas lights multiple times, biscuits and gravy, seeing santa, lots of food at both parents and lots of time with family! This year Tommy got me some nice running shoes, a VIDEO CAMERA!!! and roller blades! ha :) Yes, I asked for them and I'm so excited for when I can actually use them! (around my parents kitchen doesn't exactly count!) I got Tommy his very first deer tag and license which his hunt is next weekend! Lots of camo for his hunt and some nice work out shoes. Hope everyone had an amazing Christmas!!
Yes these are the only pictures I have from Christmas..I suck! But this is Tommy showing you his camo beenie :)

Sunday, January 2, 2011

30 weeks

I'm a little late since I'm now 32 weeks but here's the baby bump at 30 weeks!
yes..I took the pics with my crappy phone in the bathroom at work :)