Saturday, August 28, 2010

Happy Birthday Daddy-o!

Dad's birthday was August 25th! Since Mom abandoned him and went up to my aunt Debbies cabin I had the privelage of waking up and making him a delicious breakfast of eggs on toast! Then Dad and I, Kim and her girls, and steph and curt and their kiddos all went to Joe's bbq for dinner.. delish! Thanks for everything you do dad, you are the greatest dad anyone could ask for! I love you!!!!

Happy Birthday Toe-Mas!

Tommy is now the big 2-4! He had his birthday while we were camping so we decided thats the day we would go fishing. (I won't tell you he was the only one that DIDN'T catch anything.. poor guy!) But we had moms yummy pancakes and buttermilk syrup for breakfast, and dad made shrimp the size of a small lobster for dinner! which made up for the lack of fish caught for Tommy :) Tommy is such a great man! He is the first to jump if someone needs help, He works so hard so we can be buying our 2nd house! And he recently just started his last semester of school for firefighting and he has school 3 days a week including ALL DAY SATURDAY! boo.. He is so dedicated and is going to be the best Daddy ever! He talks to and listens to my belly every night already and his face lights up everytime we see our little one on that ultrasound machine :) He can't wait to meet him/her! I love you Tommy! Happy late Birthday!

Friday, August 27, 2010

I found my camera!

You probably didn't know it was missing! But it was.. which is cause for the lack of posting! So Here's what you've missed :) .. We went camping! It was so much fun! My parents and a bunch of their friends took their toy haulers and went up around Big Lake so after work one Thursday Tommy and I headed up. Well, we were about an hour away from the campsite and it was about 8:30 when an ELK JUMPED IN FRONT OF OUR TRUCK!!! are you kidding me!? nope! .. So we had to pry the bumper off the tire so we could drive the truck which is a miracle we even still could drive it! She just jumped right in front of the passenger front (my side, nice!) and knocked out the headlight, broke part of the grille, pushed our bumper back into our tire and cracked our radiator overflow bottle. So we turned around, headed back to show low for the night, then got the truck working in the morning and headed up to camp! We ate way too much, shot guns, went fishing, played lots of games and just had fun! Thanks mom and dad!

by the way, what we thought was not much damage to the truck ended up costing 4300 dollars!! Thank you insurance!