Monday, September 27, 2010


That's right.. Were having a girl!!!!! We were totally convinced it was a boy but nope! We are so excited and are so glad we can finally say hers or she instead of ITS! She was measuring pretty much right on our due date give or take a couple days.. hopefully take! :) She will be the 12th grandbaby on my families side (last 5 will be girls now!) and the 18th on tommy's side! We can't wait to meet our little princess!!

Friday, September 3, 2010

yes...that just happened!

Blame it on the baby... its my excuse!

Speaking of baby.. we had another Dr's appointment this past Tuesday. Got measured, which was right on for our due date.. then... we got to hear babys heartbeat!!! We have gotten to see it on an ultrasound twice becuase with his doppler we weren't able to hear it from being so early so to make sure there was one, he did a quick look.. well this time we didn't need to look, it was loud and clear!!! We are so excited things are still going ok! We have an appointment on the 27th for an ultrasound and get to find out what were having!!! We can't wait! Any guesses?!