Thursday, July 17, 2008

Happy Birthday Mims!!! :)

Happy Birthday Mims!! A tribute to my sister.. :) Sorry dont be mad! I found this picture that portrayed the younger years of kim all to perfectly and decided as a little surprise for her birthday, I would show the world!! I love you Mim!! I hope you have a wonderful 24th birthday! (you old fart!) You are an amazing sister and an even more amazing mom! Kins is a lucky, beautiful little girl! We Love you!!!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Happy 4th of July!

And 6 month anniversary to me and Tommy!! Crazy huh! Tomorrow will be our exact 6th month mark..and I have loved every minute of being married!! Well...for the most part :) But I hope everyone has a very fun and safe 4th!!

#1 husband :)

So my husband is pretty much the best out there! And even though we are in a little apartment (for the time being!) he really has helped me make it feel more like home! He has painted, hung pictures and shelves, and moved around more furniture that you can imagine! So to show off the latest I took this picture. Kim does vinyl lettering now and so I talked her into making me some cute sayings and this was hers and my latest creation..and tommys help placing and hanging! What do ya think?!

Rock Band!

So first of all, I know I am horrible at this blogging thing.. I am trying! And I promise to do better... but here we go! Rock band is awesome! Steph and Curt, and Kim and J all love it too so about every weekend since kim and j have been home, we have gone out there and played it! Curt is quite the singer :) And the first picture pretty much explains it all!