Friday, January 15, 2010

January 4th 2008

That is the day I got sealed to My best Friend... FOREVER! and now its been 2 whole years! can you believe it?! Me either! Tommy is the greatest husband, friend, companion ever! He always makes me smile and laugh.. he treats me better then I couldve ever asked for and he makes me a better person. I am still as crazy for him as I was the day I said we do :) We have this tradition of "dates to remember" by celebrationg them at monti's! So we continued the tradition and went this year too. We also went snowboarding! We used our christmas presents and went up to sunrise after new years! We had so much fun and once again, no broken bones! only sore bums, arms, legs, necks, and every other part possible I didn't even know I had a muscle in! :) We stayed in a very pretty hotel room with a jacuzzi and fireplace (thanks to my friend Nicole!) and had a great anniversary! I love you babes!!!
a little excited for snowboarding?!
at Montis! .. yum!Happy 2 year anniversary thomas!

I just had to put this picture in :) It was on the way to Show Low and no i did not positiong them like that! They are just cute!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

christmas eve, christmas, and new years eve!

Christmas is my very favorite time ever! Its a busy busy time, but my favorite! We had mel, gabe and the boys... and RUBY in town! which is always so fun! We had lots of parties between the 2 sides and lots of game night get togethers :) For christmas me and tommy got BIKES! (beach cruisers to be exact!) and snowboarding clothes for the trip we took for our anniversary! (later post!) I have lots of pictures from the fun holidays so beware :)

-We had our first real christmas together as in living in our own house with our own tree and decorations and everything! here are a few pics from the fun of decorating :)

the lights for the tree Tommy picked out .... as you can see, they were bush lights! dork
decorating our tree!
the finished product :)
Christmas Eve consisted of going to my parents and eating delicious potato soup and playing games! (i kicked their butts!!)
Kinsley and Grandma dancing to the christmas music :)
This year for Christmas me and Tommy got bikes and snowboarding clothes! GANGSTAS

For New Years Eve this year we first went to Tommys parents house for a Merrill Family reunion. It was so good seeing everyone! We ate yummy hamburgers and steves beans which were delightful! Then we headed over to Kim and Jasons for more games, rockband, headband making, and Martinellis!! While everyone was playing Emma took the liberty of going around and getting everyones close-ups :) proceed with caution!

mom looking fabulous... he he

yum right?!


yes, i still claim him as my hubby!

pure perfection

and durty curt!

Happy New Year! Hope everyones new years was as great as ours! (yes, tommy purposely rocked the drunk face....)

by the way... I started this post over a week ago but my computer would only cooperate and let me upload like 2 photos a day so it took awhile!