Monday, September 30, 2013

One day older and wiser too...

Well, Im now feeling officially old. Guys.. I'm in my later 20's now! WHAT?! My birthday was on a Sunday this year so there is only so much you can do..We went to dinner Saturday night at The Keg (delish!) while my mom watched the babes.. Can I tell you how much I LOVE having my husband all to myself?? I love my kids..but that man.. I love him more than words can describe! Dinner was amazing, then Sunday morning Tommy made me breakfast and helped get the kids bathed and ready for church. Then after we went to Stephs for some delicious dessert and good company. Nothing over the top and it was perfect. I got to spend the day with my hubs and babes and that was the best present ever. :)

 best we could do :)

Saturday, September 28, 2013

3 Months old

Trig is now 3 months old. I swear time is going faster and faster everyday. I think the months for Trig are flying by even faster than Lyla did too because I'm not solely focused on him like I was Lyla. I feel bad having to juggle my time but we make due :) This little man is seriously the best. He is so happy no matter who is holding him and is usually just content as can be (unless super tired!) He totally completes our family and we can't get enough of him!!

at 3 months:

-fastest eater ever! we've got it down to like 10 minutes for both sides :)
-takes three 2 hour naps a day
-wakes up once (sometimes) twice at night to eat
-LOVES when people talk to him
-super shy and its the cutest thing ever!!! You will talk to him and he will smile and turn his head away from you
-loves loves loves his blankies! he like smothers his face in them to sleep, I love it :)
-won't sleep in his car seat.. unless I take him out and swaddle him and put him back (like at church)..Lyla was the same way and its kinda annoying!! means we have to be home for his naps or he doesn't take a good one
-likes his paci but has started sucking his thumb when he's not swaddled up, and I secretly love it!

I love this boy to pieces and am so grateful he is part of our family!!

Monday, September 9, 2013

randomness of the last week..

Found a couple pictures on my phone I wanted to post from the last week...

how we roll at walmart..especially when not feeling good! :).. (we borrowed that blanket while we were there!)

lesson learned..don't leave your cute innocent baby with Melanie for more than an hour...or she will draw on their face with a marker!... :)

watching a movie together.. cutest thing ever

this girl almost NEVER falls asleep in the car.. and she did twice this past week.. poor baby was miserable :(

Trig met Tatum for the first time...and looked like he could eat her.

cute boy all smiles and ready for church!

First Family camp out :)

Over Labor Day weekend my family went camping! or "panking" as Lyla calls it?!  So with a 2 1/2 year old and a 2 month old we loaded up and went to! It was so much fun!! The weather was wonderful, the food was delicious and not lacking in supply and the company was... well.. they were ok :) Lyla had SO much fun playing with all her cousins! She has never really slept anywhere but her bed or a pack n play, just because she really wont! She just likes her bed! So I was a little worried how sleeping in a tent would go..especially since I wasnt sleeping in there with her (Me and Trig slept in the car!) but she did ok! Although the poor girl started cutting her 2 year molars while we were there! Poor baby! -side note- she got a whole bunch of canker sores from some virus WHILE cutting her molars. The girl was MISERABLE!!! and didn't eat anything solid for 3 days, it was the saddest thing ever.. anyway.. -Trig did pretty good too! My babybjorn was a lifesaver!

So we get home from camping..feeling dirty..wanting to take hot showers, get some cleaning and laundry done, get ready for the week and just relax.. wrong. Our AC was broken. Are you kidding me?! Our house was 94 degrees and climbing. So we grabbed some essentials and headed to grandma and papas house. Tommy had to work Monday so Tuesday him and some guy looked at it, replaced a couple parts and called it good.. wrong again! still wasnt working.. so wednesday Tommys dad came out with a guy to look at it, had me go get another part, and fixed it again!.. wrong again!.. I came home at 9pm, with 2 grouchy tired kids to a house that was still 98 degrees.. for real. So went back to my moms after crying in front of the thermostat for a few minutes :) (tommy is working a 48 hour shift at this time mind you so he wont be home until friday morning) So his dad and the guy come back out Thursday, for real fix it this time, but said it wont be cooled down enough to stay the night, so we stayed at grandmas house again! Friday morning we finally got to come home to a cooled, super messy from camping, house! It was the longest week ever. Especially since Tommy worked most of it, Lyla was going through her mouth issues, and we couldn't even go to out own home! Kill me! but it worked out and I'm posting this from the comforts of my own home so all is well :) 

2 Months old

Well the little Man is already 2 months old! WHAT?! I swear everyday goes faster than the one before and its not fair.. Although he is getting to be so much more fun :) He smiles all the time! and coo's at us and his cute little personality is just starting to show through. I love this boy so much and can't even believe he wasn't a part of our family until 2 short months ago!

2 month stats:
12lbs 9oz.... yep :)


I don't know what it is about this little boy that has made me such a sucker but I can't help it.. he is seriously spoiled! With Lyla I was so worried about getting her on a schedule that I was pretty hardcore.. him.. not so much! He has a good routine...just not the same scheduled time of day everyday like Lyla. He does pretty good though! He usually goes to sleep around 9 or so, I wake him up to eat about 11 and then hes only been waking up once at about 5! I feed him, and he goes right back to sleep until about 8. So im kinda lovin it :) This boy just completely melts my heart and I love him so much! So glad I get to be his mama!

this pic is kinda blurry but how could I NOT post it?? cutest ever!!!!