Sunday, October 9, 2011

6...1/2... month pics!

My good friend Marci that took her 3 month pics took some 6 month and family pics for us too...freaking cute! I love them! enough said.. (sorry for the picture overload)

Catch up

Ive been MIA lately... sorry! But seriously I turn around for a second and my baby grows an inch..or learns a new trick..or gains another pound.. and I can't stand to miss it. So because of that I've failed to post about some major events. first..

Happy Birthday to my love! He turned the big 2-5 this year on August 7th :) We went to dinner with a few friends..swam..and just had a relaxing night. I am so grateful for him and the man he is. He is the most amazing husband I could've asked for and an equally amazing daddy. Lyla loves him so much and gets so excited when he walks in the door from work! He works so hard for us so I can stay home with our baby girl everyday and I will forever be grateful to him! I love you toe-mas! Happy birthday hunny!
second... Miss Lyla turned 7 months on the 17th!
SEVEN! are you kidding me? Its completely ridiculous that my baby is closer to a year than not! So sad but so fun! at 7 months her stats are..


height: 25in

-wears size 3 diapers

-just started wearing size 6-9 clothes

-eats 3 solid meals a day

-LOVES food :) has eaten every fruit and veggie ive put in front of her with no issues

-army crawls and rolls to anywhere she wants to go..ALMOST crawling

-has her 2 bottom teeth but the top 2 are comin in

-can sometimes feed herself puffs

-gives kisses

-growls.. ha!

-makes like a fishy face and moves her lips back and forth all the time! its kinda weird :)

-knows what she wants and is determined to get whatever it is

We love this little diva of ours and are so excited she made us her parents! I love watching her grow and develop and her personality that gets stronger and stronger everyday! birthday! I turned 24 on September 29th..and I feel old! ha.. It was such a nice relaxing day of crafting, eating too much junk..drinking too much dew.. snuggling with my sweet girl and just relaxing! Then the hubs took me to dinner and then played some games with some friends and had pazookies! Perfect :)
now the latest... I got a new niece!! Miss Khloe Jenn made her debut October 6th and is perfect! She is so tiny and has so much dark hair and is just the cutest thing ever. I cannot believe Lyla was ever that small! smaller actually!.. Congrats Kim, J, Kinsley and Kamri!