Saturday, July 31, 2010


So I know everyone says how emotional you can get with being pregnant. And now that I am 10 weeks tomorrow (YAY!!!) I thought I had been doing pretty good... until this week! Goodness gracious this kid is killing me :) I don't know who of you are country fans but it is by far my favorite type of music. So for those of you who are, the house that built me by Miranda Lambert came on as I was driving home from work the other day. I've heard this song many many times and love it. This same line tugs at my heart every time I hear the song but this time I lost it.. "I bet you didn't know, under that old oak, my favorite dog is buried in the yard." I miss my Chedder :( I'll leave it at that. But then TODAY I heard the song I saw God today by good old George Strait and I balled like a baby throughout the whole song! Tommy thinks I'm crazy.. he's probably right! :) Anyway I just wanted to write down a few things I guess more for journaling purposes about how this pregnancy has been so far. Other than still being pretty dang sick everything else is going ok! We go to the Dr tomorrow and will see how our little pumpkin is doing!

Thursday, July 15, 2010


throwing up


almost 8 weeks PREGNANT :)

YAY!!!!!! surprise! Tommy and I are expecting! I have been on progestrone and some other meds and on Monday we were able to go to the Dr and we saw a heartbeat! Words cannot express our gratitude and happiness for this sweet blessing in our lives! We wanted to wait till after the first trimester but we were too excited so we are just praying this is the one :) We are due Feb 27th!! Dr. Holmes says since this is the furthest we have gotten and with seeing a heartbeat, (and not to mention the 2-3 times of visiting the porcelain throne a day!) we have a 95% chance of holding onto this baby till we can hold it in our arms! We will keep you posted after our next appointment in a couple weeks to make sure things are still going good!

Friday, July 9, 2010

So long.. farewell

Well its been awhile so heres the latest... we moved! It's a Bitter sweet feeling.. we hated the drive out to our house but LOVED our home! It was our first home :( But we found a renter, packed up our house.. and moved it into a bedroom at my mom and dads! :) We have an offer on another home on Recker and Williamsfield but are playing the waiting game with the bank.. Dang short sales!..