Monday, January 26, 2009

Tolly girl!... :)

We have yet another edition to the Merrill Fam! TOLLY!!! :) Ever since we got Ched we decided we wanted to get another puppy so they would have someone to play with and because well.. 2 is just better! I really like Boston Terriers but Tommy says they look to much like pugs which he thinks are the ugliest creature ever (sorry mom!...and stitch!). Well we started looking for puppies we both liked when we thought of boxers. I always thought they were cute but came from a family that had mostly smaller inside dogs so never dreamed of owning one. Well tommy had other plans... he convinced me. So HE picked out boxers and then got to pick out Ched AND named him! So I told him I get to pick out MY dog next and he agreed. So I was getting my boston. :) well then I got to thinking Ched really is the cutest dog EVER and would probably make some dang cute puppies if we got another girl boxer. Which led us to Tolly! I found her on craigslist.. she is already 6 months old but so is ched and the guy just couldn't take care of her anymore so I convinced Tommy she needed a good home with another puppy and that Ched was lonely. So we got her! Shes way super cute too! A little hyper which is a big difference from Ched since he is the most calm relxed laid-back dog I've ever met! especially since hes only 6 months! But they have so much fun together and are so fun to watch play :) so introducing ms. Tolly... :)

our 2 babies :) .....oh I mean PUPPIES!
I don't think Tol was too fond of riding in the back of the truck at first cuz she lept going under chedders legs and making him stand over her :)

Monday, January 5, 2009

Happy 1 year anniversary! ... baby on board :)

Sunday was mine and Tommy's 1 year anniversary! crazy huh!! it seems like yesterday everyone came to our reception and watched my mom get crazy and throw her clothes on people! :) Well we celebrated it Saturday and to celebrate we ate dinner at Monti's...yum!!! then spent the night at the same hotel we did our wedding night. ( we also saw seven pounds, AMAZING!!!) But it was a very fun year and a very nice evening with my husband!

As for the baby on board part..... NO, im not pregnant! :( We were talking about kids one night and since I am a woman, I of course said when he's ready I would not be opposed becuase of course I want a baby! Well... Saturday he had my car for half the day then decided to switch me at my work. He took me outside to my car with my eyes closed and revealed my decorated car to me. Cute?? not really! All the windows had shoe polish on them that said things like Hurray, baby on board, congrats mommy, welcome to earth! and in my backseat... a carseat With a baby doll in it WITH a bib that says I love my mom With a bottle AND a baby balloon! How mean is my husband!!! He thinks he's pretty funny!!! as you can all guess though, I didn't think it was too funny :(

Me and my "baby" ...hints the frownie face!
family photo :)
my awesome car

New Years Eve

This year for New Years Eve, we didn't really have any big plans so we decided last minute to stop off at Steph and Curts house! We had some snacks, played some games, but mostly watched many awesome disney movies with the kiddos! :) woo hoo so fun! (no offense steph!) ha ha.. jk! Hope everyones 2009 is good to them! Happy New Year!

celebrating the new year!
the sisters
I finally got her hands off her face!
kims famous pose...again
wow... not much more to say than that!
now for Gabe's famous pose

Christmas 2008

Christmas this year was very fun and hectic! It being the first year of marriage, we of course tried to juggle both sides of the family..which isn't as easy as you think it would be! :) We had our Jennings family get together Tuesday night, then spent christmas eve at my parents where my mom made yummy brocolli soup and bread bowls! Then we spent Christmas morning with my family and then went to grandma and pa knights for the biscuits & gravy get together :) it was delicious as always! Then it was off to the Merrill's for some family fun as well! We were so glad to spend so much time together with family this holiday season! We love all of you!!

Me and tommy at the Jennings get together

Annie was real excited about Elmo :)
moms new cricut!
dads sweet digital camerMel on christmas morning! ... she tried to hide! look where it got you!
attempt of all the kiddos minus matthew who wouldnt sit still!
peppy and matthew
Ryder and Santa!
oh gabe... :) he's special!

Knight bowling

Bowling has always been a competitve sport within our family. Especially between mom and dad! Well then Melanie decided she was the best..then Gabe thought HE was the best... and now Brian thinks HE is the best... so we had to test it out! We went bowling twice while Mel and the boys were here and I have to say, things got a little ugly! :) I wont name names... (MELANIE!!!) ... he he.. the fist go around, Mom whooped us all! Then the second go around I think Brian took the cake, maybe Gabe. I dont remember! oh well! anyway, it was a lot of fun.. and to prove what a bunch of dorks my family really is, enjoy the pics!
Kims famous pose.. and her weirdo husband :)
my 1/2 retarded sister ... AND brother-in-law
Bri and Jess
ryder genie wenie
Annie bananie


So some of our good friends Chase and Nicole and us decided to go camping! Tommy had not been camping since he got hom from his mission, and I dont remember the last time I went either. So us and Ched, and them and Fiona and Lilly loaded up and took a quick weekend camp trip! It was so much fun! Except it rained all night! :) It didnt start till after we all got in bed but still, all our stuff got soaked!!! But besides that, we had lots of fun with you guys and need to do it again soon!!
Chedder in his sweater :)

Chase and Nicole
my awesome dog that wrapped himself around the stump, then rested his head on it instead of fighting it!
the boys
the girls!
the 3 dogs trying to eat and drink all at the same time, all out of the same dish!