Monday, November 3, 2008

puppies puppies EVERYWHERE!

Well... as you all know, we have our little baby Chedder ...not so little anymore! :( ... He is so fun and getting so big it makes me sad! Well our good friends Chase and Nicole (chase also tommys cousin) got the puppy itch as well and got a little girl boxer named Princess Fiona, aka Fiona! She is so cute and quite the spunky little thing. Well a couple weeks later, they got another! Her name is Lilly Pad, aka Lilly..and sister to Fiona! So of course, we have to have play dates for the dogs! They are all so funny together! Well the other day they were out at the house and all were in the backyard...and we all came downstairs to find this....

pathetic right?! :) but so cute!!!