Wednesday, May 13, 2009

MIRACLE workers...i promise!

So Tommy says I spend too much on hair products... psh! WHATEVER! a girl can NEVER have too many products.. thats like saying they have too many shoes or purses... :) Anyway, I have a few products that I LIVE by and thought I would share with YOU how my hair is always so beautiful! HA!! just kidding, really!!


PUREOLOGY = AmA za zing!!! kinda expensive, which is why you ask the hubby for it on a little holiday/occasion :) works everytime!


Chi silk infusion!... works great as a leave in conditioner type /a thermal protectant PLUS put a tad on after your hair is styled and it smoothes down the fly-aways!


I love Bed Head.. not your hair when you first wake up bed head :) But the product line bed head.. my favorite of all favorites! This mousse is by far my favorite!


And last but DEFINITELY not least... rockaholic DRY shampoo! I want to kiss whoever invited this genious stuff. It is my new favorite product of all time... (now thats saying a lot!) Its for the days you just dont want to wake up extra early to wash your hair (which is pretty much everyday for me!).. you spray it in, fluff and go! It refreshes in between washes and takes the grease right away! I told you... Amazing!