Monday, September 29, 2008

Happy Birthday to.....ME!

Yes, today is my birthday! woo hoo.. the big 21! I have mondays off every week so it was very convienient that my birthday fell on a monday this year. I didn't do much, just had a relaxing lazy day! Tommy with his new job gets off at like 12:30 and showed up with roses for me! I love you babe!! Then my mom, dad, and grandma came over and brought me Joe's bbq for dinner...yum!... then made homemade OREO ice cream...even YUMMIER!...Then we ROCKED it on rock band! :) We decided it would only take a little convincing to get my mom to play and ill let you see the outcome for yourself! Lets just say, she was the highlight and entertainment of the night! Excuse the laughing in the background, we couldn't contain it! :) I love you mom and dad! Thanks mom for giving us all a little laugh :)

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

congrats babe!

for those of you that don't know, Tommy got a new job! He started today with the Town of Queen Creek! :) He is working for the Parks and Rec department...He worked hard at getting this job and we were really praying for it because it offers better pay, better hours, and BENEFITS! woo hoo :) we havent had insurance or benefits since we got married so it will be a nice change! Hard work pays off, congrats babes! Love you!

Happy Birthday my WONDERFUL husband!

ok so I know im WAY the worst wife ever! But Tommys 22nd birthday was on August 7th. He is such an amazing man and husband! He does more than probably any other husband :) I love him so much! Happy belated Birthday babes! I love you!!.... for those of you that know tommy, this cake all too well describes him :)

homeless...kinda :)

well for those of you that dont know, we have recently moved in with my sister Kim and her husband Jason and my niece Kinsley! We are trying to buy a house out here in Queen Creek hopefully at the begining of the year and decided in the meantime, to help us save money and get to know the area better, we moved in with them! Its been pretty fun so far.. a little different then having your own place and being free to do whatever.. but we are so grateful to them for helping us out! You guys are the best :) we love you!

another Utah trip :)

me and tommy were able to go up to Utah again. One of my best friends got Married! congrats shay :) anyway.. thats when we picked up our chedder! :) hehe- the boys LOVED him! Ryder was so sad to see him go :( But we went on a family hike to donut falls.. this way cool waterfall that goes through this rock that is cut out in the middle into a big circle (hints the donut part!) have to hike up this mountain of just slippery wet rocks in order to see the falls. Well being my awesome clumsy self...on the way down I was going down on my belly so I didnt fall face first into sharp rocks..well my feet slipped and I went scaling down the mountain like 3-5 feet! It was so scary! haha- THEN tommy felt bad and wouldnt let me out of his sight and was holding my hand to get back across the stream when I slipped on a wet rock and both feet up to my shins went into water! THEN on the dirt trail on the way back to the car..I tripped over a stupid rock and twisted my ankle! What the heck right!! pictures of any of my mishaps, but I got a couple from the hike :)

Cali trip... yes, from july!

So we were able to go on my families annual cali trip to the beach this summer! It was fabulous! It was a pretty relaxed trip..lots of beach time, a little shopping, loungin in the condo, card/board games, and sea world! I had not been to sea world in years so it was fun to go back! Things have changed a little bit and its definitely nothing like it was when I was a kid, but still fun! We had a great time, thanks mom and dad!!

on the pier :)

bbq at the pool
a normal me and tommy picture :)
dad wearing his fishy hat at the shamu show!

the beach!tommy and matthew (aka the sand monster :) ) tommy boogie boarding!

Yay for a new camera!!

Happy birthday to ME! We bought a new camera the other day, so get ready for post updates! some probably from awhile back since..oh wait, im retarded! :) Anyway, happy blogging again!

first new camera pictures...:)

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Yay an update! ...the newest member of the Merrill clan :)

ok ok... I know I said it wouldn't be long before I updated...well I lied :) but here ya are! Me and Tommy have our first baby! hehe- we got our boxer puppy Ched about 3 weeks ago! He is the funnest, cutest little guy ever! And yes, he is gonne be HUGE! :( its fun to watch him grow but already in the 3 weeks he has gotten so much bigger! oh well... :) So here are the few pictures I have been able to capture on my phone and email them to myself because I still have yet to buy a new camera...maybe for my birthday! (in 1 1/2 weeks the big 21!) enjoy!

our awesome family :)

Ched the weekend we got him

Ms Kinsley and Chedder!