Friday, November 1, 2013

Halloween 2013

Tommy had to work on Halloween.. I feel like I start a loot of my sentences with that line, TOMMY HAD TO WORK.. boo.. oh well. So I dressed the kids up and went to Mel's house for some trick or treating, fire pit, and food! It was pretty fun and my kids were pretty dang cute! Ly was Cinderelli of course and Trig was a puppy.. last minute day of costume, don't judge me. Everything has been so much crazier, funner, and happier since our little man came along and Halloween was no exception!

 Ly decided she liked Trigs costume better than hers :)

A few days before Halloween we decided to paint/carve pumpkins with Brian and Jessica and their girls and it was a blast! Tommy was quite fond of his pumpkin carving skills :)

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