Monday, December 30, 2013

Trig's 4..5..and 6 months!

well I got a little usual.. so I'll just do a quick catch up on some things our cute man is up to.

4 months:

-sleeping in his own bed and wakes up like twice a night
-loves his mama
-had his first Halloween

5 months:
-still wakes up usually twice
-rolled over for the first time on December 2 and has only done it one other time so far
-had his first Thanksgiving
-tried oatmeal and hated it the first time then loved it every time after!
-went in the bouncer for the first time and is in heaven

6 months:

-wakes up once a night
-eats whatever we give him! Likes veggies more than fruits
-had his first Christmas!
-had his first tooth poke through on January 5th
-Still likes to sleep swaddled even though he gets out of it by morning every time
-has only rolled over a handful of times..hes content not going anywhere which is fine by me!
-sits up all day long

I'm sure there is more but I can't think right now.. anyway we had a 6 month photo shoot done by the one and only Marci and I'm obsessed with every dang one! I'll just post a few..if i can narrow them down at all!                                

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